Sublimity Web Design - Web 2.0

Web Design

Sublimity Web Design uses well-structured code to make your website load faster, be easily indexed by search engines, and look great in the major web browsers.

Sublimity Web Design provides web design and development for various types of websites.

Sublimity stays abreast with the latest web standards and coding practices.

Are you looking to add some video to your website?   Want a website re-design or convert your existing site into a content management system? Or utilize the latest in social media?   Or perhaps make your website mobile friendly?

Contact us today and we see how we can help your and your business meet the demands of today’s internet.


Sublimity Web Design - SEO


Search Engine Optimization helps get your site noticed in the search engines. Sublimity Web Design understands and utilizes SEO techniques.

Sublimity Web Design knows how efficient, modern code is just the beginning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We utilize the latest information about how to make your site indexed by the major search engines. Sublimity Web Design knows about the myths “out there” about SEO practices, and we rely upon research that revealed to us how Search Engine Optimization really works.


Sublimity Web Design - Content Management Systems


Sublimity Web Design can integrate an existing website into a content management system. What are the benefits of a CMS?

A Content Management System (at it’s very basic) allows our clients to edit their own websites. The updating of content becomes much faster and the cost of hiring web developers is lowered because our clients can edit the site themselves.

No technical knowledge is required to update a CMS. Basic knowledge of word processing programs is all that is needed. A CMS also allows a website to be easily expandable to include almost any functionality. There are numerous plugins that makes it easy to add photo galleries, email forms and social media extensions.


Sublimity Web Design - Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Sublimity Web Design provides web hosting to our clients. We charged based on need and have several packages available.

A web hosting service is what makes access to your website possible. Your web files are stored onto a web server that “serves” your web pages so people can view them via the internet. We perform weekly backup of all files and databases. Each client has access to their control panel to add or change email addresses, set up forwarders, or read email via the web or third party email clients.