Web Design and Development

We are a web design company located in the Eugene, Oregon, nestled in the Willamette Valley. We create awesome user-friendly websites and offer outstanding services to our clients. Sublimity Web Design develops custom made websites and websites from templates, mock-ups (.psd files etc.) from other designs or design firms.

The Process

Sublimity Web Design sits down with our clients and figures the best way to achieve their goals. After our initial meeting, we then have a questionnaire for our clients to fill out. This questionnaire gathers further information on how best to implement their web strategy.

While we get the functionality of the project hammered out, we also work on any custom logo and/or graphics. Sublimity then creates a mock up of the web design project. After the client is completely satisfied we begin the development of their future website.

Additional Services

But our services do not end there. If our client opted for us to host their website, we show them how to manage their emails, create new email accounts, and forward emails to another account. If our web client wanted a content management system (such as WordPress or Joomlia!) we show them how to add pages or a post, update plugins and basically, we give them the all information they need to manage their new website.